Take complete control to leverage your entire studio. Change your look and feel instantly. Execute sophisticated effects easily by advancing your automation timeline or with a single click. It’s like putting a switcher, DVE, CG & web browser on every video panel.

Video Walls
Magis Control video wall
Our system gives you ultimate control over your video panels. It auto-adjusts to each video panel’s resolution; no more stretched out graphics or using control room resources to flip or size video. With multiple video inputs possible to each video panel, you can divide video walls into multiple sources and with the use of a tablet, turn the entire wall into an interactive storytelling tool.
Scene Changes
Scene Changes
Instantly change every video panel and studio lighting at the same time. Dramatically change the entire look and feel of the studio to emphasize important moments like breaking news or severe weather. Or allow your team to switch from a newscast to a lifestyle show, or a sports show to a client recording in seconds.
Scene Monitor
Studio Preview
We’ve made sure there’s no on air surprises. Using our scene monitor, producers can preview any scene to see how each video panel will look right from their desk. In the control room, producers and directors will be able to see what is feeding every panel in the studio on one monitor before it airs.
Built-in CG

Add text layers to any video panel without tying up control room CG channels. Adding effects or generating bullet points is easy and can be manually triggered or advanced through your NRCS timeline.                                                 

DMX Device Control
Magis Control DMX
In addition to controlling lighting, utilize DMX trigger capabilities to control the movement of panels or set pieces. Sophisticated and precisely controlled set changes are just a click away with Magis Control.
Automated Weather Displays
Weather Data
Use your video wall to tell hyperlocal stories with our easy-to-populate weather sensor selector. Customize your story by showing areas impacted by current weather conditions. Choose from any NOAA site to highlight a location anywhere in the country.
Image Sequencer
Radar Sequence
Display image sequences on video panels from devices like weather systems without tying up a graphics channel. For example, display a current radar loop in all or a portion of a video panel by simply recalling a scene.

Scene Editor

Scene Editor

Within Scene Editor, you can preview, edit, and create scenes with a few clicks of the mouse. Magis Control comes loaded with a library of custom scenes and templates to match your station’s existing look, and provides many tools to piece together different scenes or create something from scratch.

Live Video Sources

Live Video Inputs

Magis Control has an industry leading, 2 frame video delay on inputs so it’s perfect for talkbacks or showcasing team coverage.  The built-in C-G and D-V-E automatically sizes the live video and adds locators without using any control room equipment.