Magis Mapping

Visualize locally-relevant data automatically. Our database draws from multiple sources to create storytelling opportunities for reporters, anchors and producers — perfect for quick hits or continuous coverage.

economic indicators mapping
Economic Indicators Mapping
Drill down into key economic indicators to the city level. Report the latest numbers and analyze trends. Take your audience beyond the numbers with engaging visuals.
Custom Data Set Visualization
Tell us what datasets you want to report, and we’ll customize your mapping solution. Our system will continue to automatically update the information as new data is released.
custom data set visualization
covid-19 heat mapping
COVID-19 Heat Mapping
Based on data from state health departments, our mapping auto-updates to show recent cases, vaccinations and deaths. You can customize your story by demonstrating changes over seven or 14 days, and you can easily show the data based on percentages of the population.
Digital Companion Mapping
Our mapping is a digital differentiator for your website. Mobile and app friendly, our digital mapping companion increases page views and time spent to drive your audience from your newscast to your website or app. Viewers can interact with the same mapping data you are presenting on air.
digital companion mapping